Les Bicyclettes Blanches started in Woodstock NY in the summer of 2005 in a barn of an old mill, at the cross road of Pueblo Indians and Tibetan Monks. With vocals/guitar/bass/keys, Magnolia Santibanez from Paris, France, Max Parker (bass/drums,guitar), Stanton Warren lead guitar, the band was joined by various musicians from the area and beyond... Paul Peterson (Porte Mentaux), Sean Finnigan (Invisible days), Kevin Urvalek, Reuben Pascal Villagomez, Bryan Percivall... Just as the community bicycles of 60's Amsterdam, Provos come in many forms and shapes.
16 albums are available on bandcamp.com
The latest "Einfugen" is available as an LP on Bleeding Gold Records (USA) and Edils Records (UK)
Tunes can be heard on various radio stations and found on a few compilations from LA Records, Manimal Vinyl Records and Winter Records 

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